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Started by Thomas Dey, 07/04/2016 05:47PM
Posted 07/04/2016 05:47PM Opening Post
I need visual observing advice. I am trying to see Barnard's Star and went to the field shown in Burnham and elsewhere, expecting that it would be obvious and sorta bright (16-inch binos!) Convinced I found that wedge-shaped asterism etc. OK and then two stars downstream that should point at Barnards. Expecting/hoping to see a bright, warm colored star there. But nothing! I figure either it is WAY dimmer than I expect or it is one of the "other" stars and I'm just not interpreting the location properly. If it IS really dim (relative to identifying it among other dim ones), my backup plan is to use the Night Vision, which would enhance a "red" (3200K) star by a lot. Thanks for any hints/experiences you may have. Tom

29-inch Dob in a dome
36-inch upgrade soon
LUNT 80/80 solar scope
FLI 6803 cam
APM 100mm APO Binos
JMI RB-16 Night Vision Binos
Zeiss 20x60 IS binos
Posted 07/04/2016 06:24PM #1
It's a faint, but not too faint red star. Use the photo in Burnham's. Uranometria charts it too. The wedge shaped asterism is kinda faint, but should be visible in an 8"

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