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Bright, rainbow colored meteor

Started by Sheldon L. Cooper, Ph.D., 07/29/2021 06:45AM
Posted 07/29/2021 06:45AM | Edited 07/29/2021 07:47AM Opening Post
I observed a bright meteor at about 11:18 pm PDT tonight from my darkened backyard in Fresno. It was moving n to s and was about 40 degrees above the northeastern horizon. Its path wasn't very long - perhaps 10 degrees. It was very bright - far brighter than Venus or for that matter any other meteor I've ever seen - but it was most remarkable because it burned in a rainbow pattern, that is, multiple colors at the same time, each one stacked upon the next. It left a normal trail that was visible for perhaps 30 seconds. It reminded me, upon reflection, of the unusual colored clouds that the launches from Vandenberg at sunset sometimes produce. The sky was clear and moonless, and it was about 83 degrees F.   I was with a second observer who saw the same unusual display. We were both impressed, almost stunned, by what we had seen. Ernie Spragg
Posted 10/11/2021 10:40PM #1
Absolutely wonderful!  I had a similar experience about 23 years ago.  I was under very dark skies when all of a sudden,... brilliant colors appeared overhead with the sound of crackling and popping.  A streak of colors; white, red, yellow, green and blue with a trail of grey smoke against the dark sky looked amazing.  It must have been a very large meteor cause it began to fragment as it bounced off the upper atmosphere.  I'll never forget it.  And I'm sure you won't either.
Posted 10/11/2021 10:56PM #2
Amazing. Thanks for sharing.