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Started by Thomas Dey, 11/13/2016 04:07PM
Posted 11/13/2016 04:07PM Opening Post
The perigee full Supermoon is tonight. I wanted to do SOMETHING related to observational astronomy and involving la luna. So I went out on the deck with a book and an observing chair, rising moon shining over my shoulder... and read some of it: "A Torch Kept Lit" ~Great Lives of the Twentieth Century~ [Eulogies by] William F. Buckley, Jr. edited by James Rosen. The font is ~10 pt. Times New Roman. On the plus side, Yes, I read the eulogy of Tom Hume (1928-2003) on pp. 250-253. On the minus side, I will have to wait 'till Y2034 to read the eulogy of Nan Kempner. Speaking of eulogies... Tom Dey (1947-<2034?) ~RIP~

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