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"cukleti" AKA "Boris Vortsman" RIP OFF ARTIST!!! B

Started by JerHetrick, 11/15/2017 12:36PM
Posted 11/15/2017 12:36PM Opening Post
Just a heads up. This guy has been ripping people off here and on Cloudy Nights as far as I know. I do know he had a few thousand dollars worth of equipment listed there to, about the same time I purchased a GT81 from him here. Another member also contacted me asking if and how I got my money back.

Thankfully Paypal should cover my loss, if not my bank will seeings the two are linked and funds went through one and out of another.

I really hope the other people who purchased from him used proper payment methods and are not at a loss.
Posted 12/09/2017 10:10AM | Edited 01/08/2018 08:43AM #1
Update on Boris Vortsman (AKA “cukleti”) cross-border internet fraud:

- Vortsman has claimed at least 5 victims in 4 states (PA, TN, CA, CO), for non-delivery of astronomical instruments. Amount defrauded is well over $1,000.

- Vortsman uses same MO through PayPal: Payment made, followed by non-delivery of goods. Refunds are cancelled due to insufficient funds. No response thereafter. His recent email is

- Formal complaint of criminal internet fraud has been filed with 13 federal and local US and Canadian law enforcement and consumer protection agencies, including FBI/IC3, York Regional Police Service, US Secret Service, Federal Trade commission, Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, and RCMP. See below.

- Warning notices forwarded to US and Canadian astronomical organizations. Vortsman/cukleti has been banned on Cloudy Nights, Astromart, and other astronomy sites.

- If you have been defrauded by Vortsman or have case related information, please contact:

In US:
(1) Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) Bill Petosky
FBI, Knoxville Division

(2) SAIC Renae McDermott
FBI, Knoxville Division

If defrauded, it is critical to file formal complaint with Federal Bureau of Investigation/Internet Computer Complaint Center (FBI/IC3) at:

In Canada:
(1) Detective Constable Roger Glendinning
York (Canada) Regional Police
Financial Crimes Unit, Fraud Intake
1-866-876-5423 Ext 6619
Email: 560@YRP.CA

(2) Constable Leslie Gilder
York (Canada) Regional Police
Financial Crimes Unit, Fraud Intake
1-866-876-5423 Ext 6777
Email: 1803@YRP.CA