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Re: Slow Moving Satellite/?

Started by SocalDarkSkies, 09/26/2006 07:47PM
Posted 09/26/2006 07:47PM Opening Post
Hi Judson,

Starry Night shows satellite SL-16 R/B very close to your zenith moving south to north at 10:10pm September 26 for ZIP 29610. At 10:13pm IRIDIUM 54 passed in the opposite direction.

Maybe one of those?

Posted 09/26/2006 08:25PM | Edited 09/26/2006 08:27PM #1

On second look, while SL-16 R/B was right there in the same neighborhood that you were looking in, and going in the same direction, it was moving far too fast to be what you saw. It would have moved through your 40 arc minute field of view in only a fraction of the time you experienced (more like 4 to 5 seconds).

Starry Night also estimates its brightness to be much dimmer (Mag 9.5).

Sorry for the false identification.

Anyone else with a guess?


p.s. maybe an old glove, wrench or bolt?