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Road Trip - AZ, NM, W. TX - good sites?

Started by lintonius, 07/15/2005 03:45PM
Posted 07/15/2005 03:45PM Opening Post
I'm looking for good observing sites not too far from I-10, in Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas. I'm taking a road trip in 2 weeks and am hoping to find some good dark sky sites along the way. Chiricahua Nat. Monument looks good. And the Davis Mountain area, near the TSP site. We're staying one night in Big Bend Nat. Park, too. Any other suggestions?
Returning later (from Illinois) through southern Colorado and Utah, so suggestions around there would also be welcome. Unfortunately, the moon will be approaching 1st quarter by then.
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(BTW, I found out about the summer thunderstorms after I scheduled the trip.) :S
Posted 07/15/2005 06:40PM #1
I don't know if this is near your route, but City of Rocks State Park in N.M. is hard to beat for truly dark skies. Usually on a New Moon weekend there are a few other scopes there. An interesting place during the day as well.

Good Luck!

Mark Hansen
Posted 07/16/2005 06:10AM #2
Hope you have a good trip! As yet, there are no monsoons, but who knows when that'll change. Here's a link you may find useful, detailing observing sites in southern Arizona:
It indicates the Chiricahuas are great, but I've never observed there, so I can't confirm or deny. Good luck!