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Started by Thomas Dey, 07/30/2017 05:08AM
Posted 07/30/2017 05:08AM Opening Post
I rarely look at the planets - common conceit of a Deep Sky Guy. But took the 100mm binos out on the deck this morning and took a peek at Venus, 152X. ZOUNDS, It's gibbous! Facing east and ~north is thataway~ etc., I realize it is receding, so I missed the nice, big, crescent phase. Sometimes it's nice to observe "in the blind", intentionally forget what things are supposed to look like. David Levy et al often recommend that attitude... to "discover" familiar objects afresh, just sweeping the heavens sorta at random. This also agrees with one of the most effective tricks to successful [scientific] research: Don't be TOO Structured in your experiments... you will preclude the greatest discoveries. Related: A Very Effective Trick we used at work (Aerospace Research Skunks Works-ish)... was to concertedly have at least ONE guy/gal on the Team who was decisively NOT experienced in the particular focus. Too many Expert, Experienced Cooks, hobbles creativity with blinders. Tom

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