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South. Western Sky

Started by betio43, 07/08/2022 02:16PM
Posted 07/08/2022 02:16PM Opening Post
Living in Florida, the light pollution, even in the country is getting worse, so conditions have to be perfect for me to observe the sky.  Last night my wife came in from viewing the moon..un-aided.  She asked me to come out at look at a star(?) that seemed to be moving in a circular pattern.  I went out and not having the best of vision, couldn’t see what she was seeing.  She got mad and told me to get my glasses on and come back out.  It did and I then saw it.  Directly under the moon which was in the SW sky over Palm Beach County, I also saw a star(?) that was moving in a circular pattern.  It looked to be moving height and lower in a clockwise rotation.  She actually caught it on video.  Is this some sort of atmospheric disturbance?  Anyone else notice this?