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$$ Astrophotography Remote Tutor services?

Started by Dmytty, 03/16/2021 07:07AM
Posted 03/16/2021 07:07AM Opening Post
Our son has been pretty involved in astrophotography but we’re hitting snags with software and hardware issues. We have decent equipment (Rainbow Astro 135 + 140mm f7 + Canon R5) but have nightly struggles making it work. To put it simply, KStars is not ‘user friendly’ and teaches the user literally nothing about astrophotography in general, or it’s inner workings specifically. 

Our current setup is highly erratic and difficult to understand and troubleshoot. What works one night doesn’t work another, or even an hour later. And this is under Class 2 cloudless skies.

So, is there a Astrophotography Guru that can remote in and teach us about the software? Will pay $$ for an expert.