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California Smoke

Started by pwp818, 06/26/2008 11:21AM
Posted 06/26/2008 11:21AM Opening Post
Not that kind of smoke. wink I mean all the fires going on in the state right now. So where will all you California astronomers go to get away from smoky skies in the next couple weeks?
Posted 06/26/2008 04:26PM #1
Hi Paul,
The LAAS site looks fairly clear. It gets on shore winds indirectly, that usually keeps the air reasonably free of the valley smoke and smog. Mostly it is being trapped in the great valley and spilling out on to the desert through the passes.

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Posted 06/28/2008 10:19AM #2
This is interesting, almost peculiar. Yesterday I took a look at the Oregon fire situation. With all the fires in northern CA (now near 1,000), I figured there would be a few just north of the CA-OR border. Well, not. There are no fires in Oregon at this time! Amazing! I was planning a trip to the Sierras near Yosemite next week, but now I'm thinking of going up to Oregon. Any suggestions from you Oregonians?
Posted 07/09/2008 02:31AM #3
This stuff's getting me down! I usually have mag 5 skies on these clear summer nights, but the past week, the bowl of the big dipper has been extinguished while still 20+ degrees above the horizon, while Albireo has been just visible at zenith. Incredible. And no place really to go, except the beach, to get away from it. At least the seeing was semi-decent on Jupiter tonight...made some mods to the trusses on my 16" today and had a nice view of the big guy. Hope the rest of you are having a better season!

George Golitzin