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Go to poo, dung beetles use the stars

Started by JJM, 09/12/2013 08:09PM
Posted 09/12/2013 08:09PM Opening Post
Scientists from Sweden and South Africa have determined that dung beetles use starlight to navigate a straight path while rolling balls of manure. The insects are sophisticated enough to use moonlight when it's available, and then switch to much dimmer sources like the Milky Way on moonless nights. All this groundbreaking research was enough to warrant the award of a dual igNobel Prize in Biology and Astronomy.

These abilities seem to be more advanced than many vertebrates (e.g. amateur astronomers). 8)

Jim McSheehy
Posted 09/18/2013 11:23AM #1
I'd make a comment about this, but we're not supposed to talk about politics in these forums. Thank goodness for that rule.