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Good Resource for Planning Viewing

Started by Sunwolf, 10/17/2008 02:17PM
Posted 10/17/2008 02:17PM Opening Post
(The thread about the neighborhood star party is what prompted me to post this.)

When I was the Night Sky Network coordinator I helped plan the website revamp and one of the features I fought hard for was a resources page for folks planning astronomy outreach events (or even their own observing!).

It is called the Night Sky Planner and it has links to the Clear Sky Clock (that was one of the sticking points because NASA is reluctant to link out but I said it was an essential), celestial calendar, weather, moon phase and more all in one place. (I modeled that page after an astronomer's toolbox webpage I did for an astronomy club a long time ago.) You can find it at

The Night Sky Network also has cool activity kits and other stuff. Check it out.

Dawn Grove (Baird)
Posted 10/20/2008 04:55AM #1
Thankyou Dawn,That is a BIG help in my outreach with different kinds of groups.

Bill- grin


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Clear Skys,
Bill - Astro Hillbilly 8)
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Posted 10/20/2008 05:58PM #2
Nice job, Dawn! One thing though, the Clear Sky Clock is now known as the Clear Sky Chart.

Dave Mitsky

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