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Have some equipment to sell

Started by Kelly_newbie, 07/17/2012 11:23AM
Posted 07/17/2012 11:23AM Opening Post
I have some microscopes, mounts, lenses, tripod, a dolly, etc that I want to sell. I don't know anything about astonomy and want to know what it is worth. And maybe someone on this site can help me?
I have two very large and heavy microscopes. One was never used. One is a TeleVue 880mm. One is a celestron C90 spotting scope. And the other I don't know much about and can get the name if you are interested.
I have about 12 lenses to all in the original box. It was all taken very good care of!
Some of the brand names are Manfrotto, Vixen, Celestron.

Any help you could give me would be great~!
Posted 07/17/2012 01:51PM | Edited 07/17/2012 01:52PM #1
Assuming this is serious... wink

First off, sounds like you have telescopes, not microscopes. Microscopes are for looking at wee little stuff down here. Telescopes are for looking at way big stuff out there.

Secondly, neither is "big" as scopes go. These are small telescopes. The C90 might bring as much as a couple of hundred bucks depending on condition and configuration (does it have the mount/drive base?).

As for the TeleVue. Depends on which one it is. First thing to do is determine how big it is. 880mm is its focal length. What matters is the size (diameter of the main lens). Depending on that size and the model, it can be worth a couple of hundred to considerably more.

As for the lenses, the eyepieces, how much they are worth depends on exactly what kind they are. Model and maker.

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