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How can i report a scammer?

Started by kg2463, 12/12/2013 03:26PM
Posted 12/12/2013 03:26PM Opening Post
I purchased a nagler 13mm from a guy in kentucky. He told me that he only accepts either cheque or money order. I've already sent him my cheque and it has been cashed (this is around a month and a half ago). When i first contacted him asking him why i havent received it, he said " i dont even have your address on file", when it was in reality in our long replies back and forth. So either he is intellectually incapable or simply blind. Then i asked him if he had shipped it- to which he replied yes. And mind you- there was no sorry no apologies; just an utterly rude individual. Then i told him i simply want my money refunded as its ridiculous- that i first purchased it as a birthday gift which is already loooong due. And he replied to me saying im scamming him... When in actuality the cheque is cashed already and said that the best option for us to do now is to take this on board 50-50 meaning i lose my money, he loses his eyepiece. Its better than him losing both eywpiece and money. Then he snapped a picture of his receipt for usps after i had asked him 10 times to do so, of a first class receipt costing him 3 bucks to send the eyepiece and the tracking number look worn out. Thats when he lied and at first said he couldnt go to the post office as its 20 miles away from his home and theres ice everywhere, then the next day he lied and said he went there and theres nothing they could do. See- i spoke to the usps branch in my state and they said they could track it in their system using the bill number and the cashier number... And i told him this and he never even replied. As he sees himself in a good situation and we are at situation where im literally begging for me to have him send me the eyepiece which ive paid for. He acts as though he was sending it to me for free. This guy is ignoring me, isnt making an effort to get this matter solved and is a terrible person. I hope karma gets him bad, but any suggestions on what i am to do?
Posted 12/12/2013 03:28PM #1
Also, he deleted his ad which has 5 other unsold items listed. Very fishy.