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New Glasses - What to Look For

Started by web0178230, 11/07/2008 08:00PM
Posted 11/07/2008 08:00PM Opening Post
[COLOR="Purple"]It's time for me to get new eyeglasses. I haven't had a prescription change so it's been 5 years since I bought the current frames and lenses. What's the "latest & greatest" when it comes to eyeglass lenses? I need progressive lenses. Other than that, what type of lens and coating would you all recommend?
Posted 11/07/2008 08:38PM #1
Hi Bill,
I just got new glasses to and they have anti-reflective coatings for night time that are also hardened coatings for scratch resistance. The coatings make the glasses disappear and there is no glare at night off of lights. I also got the Progressive lens.
I got the plastic lens, not sure what exactly, but it was the better material that is a bit harder to crack and is very light. I don't have the name handy though.

[SIZE="Large"][/SIZE][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] Floyd Blue grin
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Posted 11/07/2008 08:51PM #2
I'll second Floyd's feelings about anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings, though they do wear off eventually. Still, it's easy to have them recoated. I have glass rather than plastic right now, but I've used both and find no real difference if the quality of plastic is good. I'm thinking of getting another pair of plastic though since I do a little woodworking and need the shatter resistance. If you go with the anti-reflective you will never go back! Daylight or dark there is nothing like it.
Posted 11/08/2008 08:26AM #3
[COLOR="Purple"]Thanks for the info everyone!

I'll get AR coatings for sure. I'm actually thinking about trying a set of Zeiss lenses this time around. Their lenses and coatings are top notch...and you pay a little more for that quality. I'm figuring to have this next pair of glasses last at least 3 years so the cost per year will hopefully be reasonable even though it's a bigger chunk of change outlayed up front. Insurance helps some but I'll still pay a big portion out of pocket. Still, worth it if I can see well.

Gene: I've had good luck using my progressive lenses while observing through the scope. Your idea of a dedicated set of glasses for observing makes sense though so I may do that with some Christmas money that will be coming my way.

The idea of not polishing the lens edges makes sense too! I would have never thought of that one.