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Started by Ron Oehlert, 04/11/2013 12:57PM
Posted 04/11/2013 12:57PM Opening Post
The 1st of March I placed an order for flocking & a diagonal support/holder. The flocking arrived within days but the enclosed invoice said the spider was supposed to ship in aprox 2 weeks. Over a month later, no spider yet. So I've tried phoning & emailing Protostar multiple times but so far zero contact or responce; they do not answer their phone or return email. Their website is up, but no mention of vacation or funeral or calamity or whatever else that might limit communication. Anyone know what is the situation with them?
Posted 04/12/2013 11:38AM #1
There have been a number of posts on Cloudy Nights about Protostar not responding to emails etc. I have used Protostar myself twice with good results.

Reading the posts, I believe he is honest and you will get your product sooner or later, but he could do better with replies. He is a one-man operation and maybe his second job too. It appears the issues are on certain items that are sub-contracted out.

Posted 04/25/2013 09:41AM #2

I ordered a Protostar secondary holder/ spider a couple of years ago. The good news is it did arrive and is a cool piece of gear. The bad news is it took several weeks to finally ship. I was quoted about a month and I think it took more than two, perhaps three months. My guess is it takes them a while to build things if they aren't already in stock.