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Re: man made satellites

Started by rocketsteve, 06/23/2011 02:12PM
Posted 06/23/2011 02:12PM | Edited 06/23/2011 02:13PM Opening Post
Brendan Sheehan said:

I've been using a telescope for the first time in many years and have noticed an awful lot of man made satellites crossing the FOV. Was wondering if anyone with more observing experience could comment on if this is something that has greatly increased over the last few decades, or if it is just chance that I'm seeing alot of them...

This is what I was able to find after a five minute google search...
Posted 06/23/2011 02:23PM #1
I've had satellites cross through my field of view more time than I can remember. If you try to get images of the sky, it is almost guaranteed! smile