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Re: Staying Warm in 30 degree weather?

Started by AlanFrench, 12/24/2007 11:07AM
Posted 12/24/2007 11:07AM | Edited 12/24/2007 11:09AM Opening Post
Gary Parent said:

Anyone out there who has found a way to keep warm in 30 degree observing weather?

What are the best thermals to purchase?



Here in upstate NY we wear t-shirts when it warms up to 30! grin

Seriously though, the first thing you need is a nice warm winter hat. Forty percent of you heat loss it through your head, and you will never be warm in cold weather without a hat. The brain manages heat control in your body, and if your head is cold it will sacrifice blood flow (heat) to the fingers and toes, and neither will be warm even with gloves and insulated boots. One very cold night I was warmly dressed, including a hat, but my toes were still cold. A second layer over my head solved the problem.

Next, you need to keep your upper body warm. Layers are a good idea. When it gets really cold, I put on a thermal top, heavy shirt, sweater, and heavy jacket. Sometimes I add lined coveralls under the jacket.

On the legs, thermal pants and pants, with sweatpants over that when it gets very cold or windy.

The feet get heavy socks and insulated boots, and I wear mittens or gloves on my hands. Sometimes we put handwarmers in our pockets, and also have heated gloves and socks. You can also buy heated thermal vests and jackets.

With windy conditions, a scarf around the neck can be a nice addition, and a hat that covers everything but your face.

Some people like to put somethings insulated down to stand on, rather than standing on the cold ground.

What I describe may be more than you need at 30, but I think it should give you the general idea.

If you set up at a remote site don't overdress to start with. If you work up a sweat it will be hard to stay warm.

Clear skies, Alan
Posted 12/24/2007 12:25PM #1
>>If you set up at a remote site don't overdress to start with. If you work up a sweat it will be hard to stay warm.

Agreed, but on the other hand, don't wait to get cold to put on the later layers. ONce you get cold, it is harder to warm back up.

And eat well. A hungry body has difficulty staying watm.