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Re: Staying Warm in 30 degree weather?

Started by dhahn365, 12/28/2007 02:29PM
Posted 12/28/2007 02:29PM Opening Post

I have a little experience in keeping people warm. I run on a volunteer rescue squad and have a had cold call or two. First it is best to keep out of the wind of course. Other people have mentioned keeping your head warm which is a must. Try using the side of your house or garage as a block from the wind. Convection is the major player in losing heat outside. Obviously warm your feet and hand up before you go outside. I tend to layer my gloves using a very thin pair covered by a heavy thinsulate pair of gloves. Drinking hot liquids tends to only warm up your core temp. but that's not a huge problem here. I would suggest using heating pads for long nights out. In an emergency where we must warm someone up we put them at the joints and angles. Armpits, groin, etc... Lastly, look out for frost nip. Not as bad as frost bite but still isn't very fun. Long story short, if you feel really cold use common sense and go inside and warm up for a while.