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Stephen Hawking lecture

Started by lintonius, 04/13/2008 11:07PM
Posted 04/13/2008 11:07PM | Edited 04/13/2008 11:09PM Opening Post
I had the good fortune of hearing Stephen Hawking speak at CalTech, in Pasedena last Wednesday evening.
The topic was "Black Holes: Not as Black as They are Painted."
Apparently I should have taken off work early and lined up at noon, as I was approximately number 2500 in line for the 500 free seats available. Oops. I ended up huddled around one of two loudspeakers outside the auditorium with a couple hundred other unfortunate souls. Quite fortunate though, to be there at all. It was quite an experience to hear him in real time, even if I couldn't see him. His inspiring words were sprinkled with delightful humor. After his fairly brief lecture, he fielded 5 interesting questions chosen from submittals from CalTech students. Afterwards, he was wheeled right out the front doors, along the side of the building, to his waiting wheelchair-van. The crowd of camera wielding fans and well wishers was more like what one would expect for a rock star. All in all, it was a remarkable event, and I'm really glad I made it.
Despite my severe IQ disadvantage, I feel a certain kinship with him.

Posted 04/14/2008 05:54AM #1
Any new information or changes to his theories? "The Hawking Paradox" which ran on the Discovery channel gave me a feeling that mainstream physicists were pulling away from his ideas? Any sense that he will recover his reputation with new info? Still, I admire him...
Posted 04/14/2008 06:36AM #2
We got to the line at 6:30. As we entered the overflow auditorium, there was a person counting us. Just after the last of our party entered, I heard he say "Okay, Three more....." So, we apparently hit it just right. Another five minutes and we would have been outside.