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Two solar tornados in exactly the same location, exactly 30 days apart - coinciding with a new solar phenomena? Or just a coincidence.

Started by Iamapollo, 04/20/2023 03:18PM
Posted 04/20/2023 03:18PM Opening Post
Average Joe may be completely unaware of this,  but something is happening to the polar crown of the sun.

In one rotation period of the sun,  the solar northern pole has experienced two nearly identical solar tornados. Each occurred in exactly the same spot!

This is either the most incredible stroke of coincidence,  Or this is actually a new level of solar physics which needs to be understood.

My suspicion is that the north pole of the sun has a very weak magnetic field due to the pole flip.  The magnetic field orientation must be at or close to zero in this one spot, and this is perhaps the reason why it was able to rotate in exactly in the same spot  27 days later.   

So that is that.  Something is going on with the suns north pole without a doubt.


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