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What are YOUR November Observing targets?

Started by Sunwolf, 10/24/2008 06:42AM
Posted 10/24/2008 06:42AM Opening Post
Hi gang!

If blessed with decent conditions, what are you looking forward to observing in the upcoming month? I would love to hear about deep sky as well as solar system targets, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.

Posted 10/24/2008 01:07PM #1
I'm going to work on the remaining Herschel 400 items I need between NGC 1 and 3000 plus any other items around them. I'm sure I'll also spend plenty of time in Orion. Nothing ever gets old there. Next weekend I'm headed, with a friend, to Cherry Springs PA or Pettigrew State Park NC for 3 nights. Where we go is weather dependent. Since 9/1/08 I've added 61 new NGC targets to my observed list. If my plans work I'll add quite a few more to the list.


DSOs observed:
NGCs 2005, ICs 103, Other 70, Palomar GCs 6, Abell PNs 12, Herschel 400: 316.
Celestron CPC 1100, Lunt 60mm Ha Solar Scope
Posted 10/25/2008 07:12PM #2

In November I am particularly looking forward to seeing the two galaxies NGC 247 and 253 south of Beta Ceti in my recently acquired 8" dob. In the solar system, Uranus will be positioned well, high in the south.


8" Zhumell Dob
90mm f11 achro refractor
4-1/2 f4 rich field newt reflector
Posted 11/03/2008 09:11AM #3
Hickson group objects.

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Posted 11/05/2008 02:50PM #4
My November DSO and binary star lists are now available at and

Dave Mitsky

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Posted 11/06/2008 02:21PM | Edited 11/06/2008 02:22PM #5
November DSO targets include but are not necessarily limited to:

Cygnus: M29, M27, various star fields

Cassiopeia: NGC457, M103, various star fields

Perseus: M34, Stock 1, double cluster, various NGC open clusters

Andromeda: M31 and company, NGC752

For later in the evening,

Taurus: M45, NGC1607, Hyades, M1

Orion: the complex of M42-M41-NGC1977-NGC1981, Alnitak

Auriga: the three amigos (M36, M37, M38), NGC 1907 and other clusters and star fields

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC, USA

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