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Wow! Check Out The Horsehead Shot By HST

Started by dsnope, 04/20/2013 03:32PM
Posted 04/20/2013 03:32PM Opening Post
Amazingly detailed Horsehead shot in IR to make it almost transparent.

Posted 04/20/2013 04:14PM #1
Yeah, but I like your shot of NGC 4565 (full crop), too!
Posted 04/21/2013 01:23PM #2
The detail in that photo is incredible!

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Posted 04/21/2013 08:20PM #3
It is a great photo.
I had heard this photo was coming. I was also informed that there was to be some kind of special concerning it. They asked for amateur photos to add to their release, but I see none here. Not sure but there may be a big TV special about it eventually.

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Posted 04/24/2013 02:32PM #4
Here's a link to the full meal deal. Renowned amateur, Robert Gendler, did the composites and processing:

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