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Started by BillH101, 03/31/2004 06:46AM
Posted 03/31/2004 06:46AM Opening Post
Hello, I've seen similar posts with very helpful replies so I thought I'd see if anyone could help me get going. I'm new to astronomy and got an Orion Sky View Pro 6 EQ, 750mm scope with the standard 25mm and 10mm eyepieces. I'm shopping for a barlow, but don't have one yet. I don't understand the field of view with different eyepieces. So far, I've looked at the Orion nebula, Saturn, Jupiter, and I found M81 and M82 once after a great deal of searching. I've found that the mirror image in the reflector scope is rather confusing. I'm open to any suggestions the experienced people can offer me as far as how to find things, what magnification is best for what type of objects, etc. Thanks for all your help. I'm very excited about finding more deep space objects. -Bill
Posted 04/01/2004 05:57AM #1
You have gotten some good advice I think, getting an eyepiece that provides the widest FOV is a big help as is a Telrad. The 2 degree FOV of a 32 mm Plossl should help in finding those elusive Deep Sky objects.

As far as the mirror image goes, in my experience it does not take long to become comfortable with it and once one is used to it, it becomes second nature.

I suggest buying the Orion Deepmap 600. Its like a streetmap of the night sky, is essentially waterproof and it is like most of Wil Tirion's work, easy to use with just enough detail to find the stuff.

I recommend downloading Cartes du Ciel, a really super Freeware planetarium program, considerably more powerful than the software Orion provides.

Also if you have a Palm or Handspring, get Planetarium, its shareware, costs $24 to register, but it is great and you can take your Palm outside and use it like a star chart.

Posted 04/02/2004 05:44AM #2
I'm debating the pros and cons of the Rigel QuickFinder and the Telrad. I like the fact that you can get maps with the Telrad circles on it, that sounds fantastic and it has the extra circle the Rigel doesn't. But I like the fact that the Rigel comes with the pulsating, dimming, dew shield, and extra base. Those items cost more for the Telrad. I also like the smaller size of the Rigel, and the price. I think I'm leaning toward trying the Rigel. I figure if I decide to go with the Telrad later, I can always resell one here.

Now I hope this isn't a really stupid question, but I'm a beginner so I'm going to ask anyway. Depending on which direction I'm looking, I am constantly rotating the tube so I can see in the eyepiece comfortably. Where/how do I mount the Rigel so that I don't have to sit under the telescope to site things in half the time? Do you know what I mean? My thought was to put a base on each side and move the Rigel as needed, but maybe I'm doing something wrong and there is some ideal location/rotation to use.
Thanks, Bill