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Trapezium via Siebert 36mm Observatory Series Eyepiece projection

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Started by davebudlong, 07/02/2005 11:45PM
Posted 07/02/2005 11:45PM | Edited 07/02/2005 11:46PM Opening Post
They are great, I am currently in central Oregon, at a dark sky location and I just spent a half an our with my pair of Celestron ranger 8x42 bino's and I saw 35 Messier objects. Any one who says you need a scope, just needs to get out to dark skies. These are good bino's but limited in aperture. They still deliver the DSO's though. Side note, any one who has not been to central Oregon is missing out. We have Mt. Rainer and St. Helens in WA, but from where I am I can see 7 snow covered volcanic peaks here in Oregon. I am about 35 or 40 miles from the site tat OSP is held every year, so if you are looking for a new star party to hit, this one would be a daytime winner too.

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Posted 07/03/2005 01:37AM #1
Binos are great! I plan to take my 10x50s to backpacking to experience real dark skies...