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Brick and Mortar in New England?

Started by Omurje, 07/13/2010 03:53PM
Posted 07/13/2010 03:53PM Opening Post

I'm looking into buying a Dob and I live in the New England area. Would anyone know where there's a brick and mortar store in the northeast where I could look at the hardware before making a purchase? Unfortunately, Anacortes hasn't made it to this coast yet.

Posted 07/14/2010 08:05PM #1
Hands on Optics in Damascus Maryland, is the closest large scale dealer that I know of.

There is a store in Northampton Mass (A to Z Science) that has some.

There was a store in NH, but I don't know what they stock.

NEAF is a great source in late April, and Stellafane (Springfield VT) is coming up fast, and many dealers go there, even though it is intended for amateur scope builders.

Todd Gross and Sky and Telescope are also local, as is Bob Royce.

I would suggest looking for star parties (Stellafane, Hartford area)and see what people own.

A lot of observers will go out of their way to be helpful.