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building up an eyepiece collection

Started by BABOafrica, 05/14/2011 08:59PM
Posted 05/14/2011 08:59PM Opening Post
I think I've reached the point where I want to get a good 2 inch EP somewhere in the range of 9 - 12mm. (I don't have ANY eyepiece in the range of 9 - 25mm. I just have 8mm and 25mm 1.25" EPs and the 8mm is a cheapie.)

I am slightly bewildered when looking thru the classifieds in Amart. It seems -- please correct me if I'm wrong -- that the standard is 1.25" unless specified otherwise. (Most ads do not specify.)

I'm working under the assumption that bigger is better, all things being equal. In other words, that 2" is better than 1.25".

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EPs: Konig 32mm (1.25") / Zhumell WF 30mm (2") / Nagler 13mm T1 / Orion Sirius Plossls 25 & 10mm / Zhumell Plossl 9 mm / Meade MA 9mm
Posted 05/14/2011 09:57PM #1

Eyepieces are a religion, there are so many and there are so many different telescopes, everybody has their opinion.

Some stuff to think about:

- the reason for 2 inch eyepieces is to allow wide fields of view in the longer focal lengths. In a 9mm eyepiece, a 1.25 inch is fine and probably the best are almost all 1.25 inch.

- Decision making: How much are you willing to spend, what is your telescope... As I recall your scope is an F/4.5, this is fast, eyepieces that work well as F/4.5 are desirable which comes back to your budget?

The best inexpensive eyepiece in the 9mm range is the 9mm Synta UWA/Orion Expanse etc. etc. This eyepiece has a nice 66 degree AFoV and works quite well at F/4.5. It is available for under $40.

At the other end of the food chain is the 9mm Nagler and the various Ethos eyepieces....