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celestron 9.25 gps nexstar is broke need help

Started by Bandit50, 05/28/2020 11:21PM
Posted 05/28/2020 11:21PM Opening Post
Hey guys  i have a problem and i seem to be running in to dead ends , me and my son got a celestron  nexstar xlt 9.25 carbon fiber used about a year ago it's really nice and we have enjoyed it , i recently went to install a extension from the hc to mount and when i did the hc lost its memory or the boards did . i'm not that tech savvy i had got a used handset and it does same thing shows no response 16 and 17  i removed covers and inspected but see nothing i cleaned pins checked wires and see no faults, i'm lost here and would appreciate any advice or refer me to a repair person or facility it may be over my head to repair it i've never done anything such as this, but willing to try. i think i caused the issue by plugging in the extension a friend made it for us and used cat 5 wire 6 strands i guess that caused it somehow , any advice for old guy here trying spend time with his son would be a lifesaver he keeps getting in and ask if i got it fixed starting make me look bad, lol thanks 

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Posted 05/29/2020 02:29AM | Edited 05/29/2020 02:32AM #1
Yes, the error 16 and 17 refers back to the alt and az motor communications with the HC not being present.

You need to look into clearing and updating the firmware..... I think there is a process for forcing a firmware reinstall to the HC but I don't know the procedure. According to what I know errors 16 & 17 refer to the motors and the error is due to the absence of the firmware for the control of those motors. I'm assuming that somehow the on board programmable memory chip "eeprom" was erased. Perhaps by the cable you used causing a short ie surge because it was wired wrong.....

This is just educated guessing based on having read quite a bit on the 16/17 error.....I dont know enough to tell you how to go about fixing it but this should help put you on the right track..... There is a Celestron forum on Cloudy Nights that has a lot of information on the issue as well as some very knowledgeable folks who have been down the same road....

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Posted 05/30/2020 12:36AM #2
Yes, go to the Cloudy Nights forum and look under Celestron computerized telescopes.  You have an excellent telescope and mount and you will need to contact Mike Swanson as he is the authority on these scopes.  There are many solutions for this problem and Mike can guide you through this.
Posted 05/31/2020 06:57AM #3
thanks guys for your help it be greatly appreciated.Danny