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Celestron Firstscope C102 AZ, Eyepieces?

Started by joepm1, 03/25/2005 01:47PM
Posted 03/25/2005 01:47PM Opening Post
Hello Everyone,
I just purchased a new Celestron Firstscope C102 AZ Refractor which is actually my first telescope. Being new to the hobby I am wondering what eyepieces should I be looking for. Also, I already have a Meade #124 2X Barlow. I am considering looking for a used Televue 5X Powermate but someone suggested that to save money I could buy a Televue 3X Barlow and stack it with the Meade that I already have as an alternative to the Powermate. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
Joe Milanese
Northwestern CT.
Posted 03/25/2005 09:06PM #1
Decent moderately plossls like Orion's Sirius or the Meade 4000 will work very well if you're on a tight budget, but high end Plossls (Televue, or the Ultima/Ultrascopic plossl-like eyepeices) are worth the little bit extra. University Optics Orthoscopics are excellent values if you don't mind the slightly smaller apparent field of view.

If you have a big budget...well, the sky's the limit, and you'll probably want to start with a good basic set of eyepieces and learning about observing a little more before investing in the big-money oculars.

I don't have experience stacking barlows...I don't know how well it works in practice. You might find that the 3x Televue Barlow is all you ever need; with a 10mm eyepiece and 3x barlow you'll get 150x, which is a pretty good high power for this scope, I'd think. The powermates are very nice, to be sure, but the 3x Televue Barlow will do nicely.