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DSC Help. Wondering about encoder resolution

Started by benkokes, 01/25/2005 01:15PM
Posted 01/25/2005 01:15PM Opening Post
Hey all,
I am now an owner of the AAM DSC system. I received two 2,000-tic encoders with the system and had a question about resolution.

As in, how sensitive should it be? Do DSC's just get you close, and you have to search for the point of interest after that? I am asking because the declanation axis encoder seems to be of insufficient resolution to point the scope with any reasonable accuracy. I can take the scope and move it a good 1/2" vertically before the encoder registers any movement.

Should I get the 4,000-tic encoders? Are the 8,000 or 10,000-tic encoders overkill?
Keep in mind that I have a Celestar 8".
Posted 01/26/2005 05:22AM #1
If you can move it that far without any reading changing, you have a problem. I use 4000 steps on the dob and 8000 on my refractor. If the initial alignment is good an object will be in a low power field, often near the center. A higher power eyepiece can then be used as needed. I really can't say that the 8000 step encoders are any better and you have to move them fairly slowly so they don't "miss" steps. Hope this helps some.