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ED80 or ETX90?

Started by maah, 01/25/2005 03:58PM
Posted 01/25/2005 03:58PM Opening Post

Which scope is best for planetary and doublestar observations, ETX90 or Orion80ED?
Posted 01/25/2005 04:44PM #1
Given a choice, I'd take the ED80.
Posted 01/26/2005 08:39AM #2
They are very close in aperture and will likely be fairly similar for double stars and planets, but the ED80 is definitely more versatile. I haven't done side by side comparisons, but I wouldn't hesitate to get the ED80 if this was my choice.
Posted 01/26/2005 09:09AM #3
I disagree. I had both, I have the ED80 currently (8" SCT replaced the ETX). The ED80 is a great widefield/low power scope. But you REALLY have to use some short focal length eyepieces or barlows to get high powers for planets, moon or double stars.

The ETX on the other hand is f/13.8 and a 9-12mm eyepiece gives good views with decent eye relief. If I were to ONLY use the ETX for planets/moon and double stars it'd be my choice.

For overall usage and value, the ED80 is the better choice as the other posters mention. But it is larger and heavier by quite a bit.