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Examples of Image Quality

Started by, 07/30/2011 12:08AM
Posted 07/30/2011 12:08AM Opening Post
Does anyone know of a website showing example images in ranked order of the relative brightness and clarity for an M object so that I can better understand what I will see if I purchase a Dobsonian Telescope with mirrors 10" and 14"?

Orion XT12i Intelliscope push-to Dob
10mm and 25mm 1-1/4" Plossil eyepieces
2 1-1/4" Barlows
Orion Q70 26mm and 32mm 2" eyepieces
TMB Planetary II 4mm and 5mm eyepieces
Laser and 9X50 finder scope dual mounted
Posted 07/31/2011 06:19PM #1
The Obsession Telescope web site has a rough comparison of images of M13 in various size scopes.

I would say the difference between 10 and 14 is noticeable but mostly not shocking or WOW worthy. I went from 6 to 16, and that was a WOW. As always, try to view through some other scopes if you can.