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Eyepiece suggestions

Started by Gregoire, 03/18/2004 08:44AM
Posted 03/18/2004 08:44AM Opening Post
Hello All,

I'm very new to astronomy, in fact I'm building my 1st telescope as we speak. It's an 8" f/6 newtonian on a dob mount. My viewing area is very dark and very open to the sky in nearly all directions. The focuser is a low profile one that accepts 1.25" eyepieces.
Finally after all that, here is my question....I only have a 25mm plossl eyepiece at this point and I'm wondering what others I should consider as a good base to work on for now.

Posted 03/18/2004 08:54AM #1
If you want to go low budg, add a 10mm (or 9) and a Barlow and you'll effectively have 25, 12.5, 10 and 5.

I would personally include a 32mm as a nice to have with that scope. After a certain point, it's better to go buy one of the Celestron kits which are very inexpensive and a great value. Beyond that, you get into more specialized or premium eyepieces.