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Fair and balanced

Started by SocalDarkSkies, 07/29/2006 08:33AM
Posted 07/29/2006 08:33AM Opening Post
It's obvious that the regulars of this and many other forums, with their vast personal experience with visual alt AZ astronomy have the only valid opinions here. As they continue to post, post and post their points of view until they deem the topic over and swarm out any alternative concepts I must concede that because it's said louder and longer then it must be true.

If I want to suggest that, while rewarding, using a telescope only visually really takes advantage of less than half of what it is capable of showing you (photographically) and that, perhaps, future upgradeability to basic tracking or, god forbid, a blasphemous German equatorial mount then someone will negate all that with "well, photography is not my thing. So let me tell you what your thing is...". Then follow up with how important it is to hike to the top of a 14,000 foot mountain with your scope for a nightly observing session and how you could never do that with anything else but a simple wooden telescope. No, I'm not suggesting that astrophotography is something every new astronomer will rush into but to those who are disappointed by not seeing Hubble views then it does give them the opportunity to grow into and squeeze every bit out of their scope purchase. And don't tell me that every new astronomers will not like to try hooking up their camera to their telescope. I remember being 12 with a crappy 60mm department store refractor and going through a ton of 110 film, toilet paper tubes and black electrical tape and being thrilled with the stack of really bad fuzzy moon shots I made.

Because there is only one real telescope to buy (an undriven, DSC less, Dobsonian) and because any other option is a non-option due to personal taste and/or limited experience or interest I can see I should step out.

Thanks in advance but please don't bother sending me a PM with instructions on how to block forums. I can figure that out on my own but, I think, I'll simply do my best not to stick my head in here again. And I'll do my best to ignore the spill over into the other forums (as I do with the Politics and Religion forums).

Good luck everyone! Especially you beginners.