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Finder Bracket Mounts for Meade StarFinder 10" Dob

Started by SparkFast, 10/08/2017 11:54PM
Posted 10/08/2017 11:54PM Opening Post
I just bought my second beginner scope secondhand: A 10" Meade Dobsonian that the seller said was very similar to the Meade StarFinder line of scopes.

The problem is, there is no finderscope or Bracket base for a finderscope. I have a green laser, so I got the idea that I might mount the laser to the scope to make finding very easy.

On the tube there are a line of three holes near the focuser. My guess is this is where I need to screw in a finderscope bracket base. However I don't know much about industry standardization when it comes to these Bracket bases. Which one should I get? Are all telescope finderscope Bracket bases created equal with holes spaced the same distance apart? Can I use any bracket base that I find online or do I need something made for my specific scope? Are the hole spacings for mounting screws standardized? Any recommendations? Should I get one for a T-type bracket or a Dovetail-type bracket?

Would something like this work?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Posted 10/09/2017 01:22AM #1
After years of frustrating times with my finders on my scopes, I just recently took off the red dot's, and went with simple inexpensive hardware that works great. Two small camera ball wivel mounts on ebay were less than $10.00. Small conduit hangers at Ace's Hardware about $2.00, - Small "L" brackets" IF needed, - about the same, - maybe a few nuts/bolts. I put this on my C8 and AR102, - have not been out with the C8 yet, but spent about 5 hrs. with the 102 and it worked perfect. The conduit hangers can be bought to fit/hold any size dia. laser or finder tube. Use a wing nut to tighten/loosen the grip on finder to easily slip finder on or off scope for storage. The ball joints have a finger tightening flange also, so simply loosening a bit lets you swivel the laser up/down/left/right to point where you want, then cinch it snug, and the whole thing holds good unless you knock it hard out of alignment. Of course, like anything, you have to first aim scope at any object, - wall/lightpost/tree, etc. -center it, then just stand/sit down, and point laser to match and then you're good to go. Thru the night I would regularly click laser on to double check everything, - as once initially aligned I used goto to reach targets. Always spot on. No more straining into weird positions to try to sight in on something.