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First Astrophotography Rig

Started by DubyaB, 08/21/2020 04:22AM
Posted 08/21/2020 04:22AM Opening Post

I'm working on putting together my wife and I's first rig for astrophotography. We bought a used 12.5" newtonian dob last summer and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking into a better way to mount it we strayed too close to the astrophotography rabbit hole and now we're into it. 

We found a used Meade LXD55 EMC and the mount it was originally sold with as well as an Orion ST80 to use as a guide scope. I suspect we probably could have gotten some imaging done with just the ST80. However the 6" refractor and mount were a good deal and the seller was very close to us so it seemed like a no brainer. 

We haven't received the ST80 just yet, but we have tried out the LXD55 EMC under our skies at home which I believe are between a 5 and a 6 on the bortle scale. 

We noticed chromatic aberration around bright targets like Arcturus and Vega. We were able to just barely pick out the Ring Nebula. 

I still need to locate a camera and the correct extension/adapter for it and I haven't fired up the mount just yet. I feel apprehensive about doing so until I've gone over it and re-greased. There is no way for me to know how long it sat in that storage unit or went generally unused.

Do any recommendations about the equipment come to mind?
How would you approach astrophotography if you could start over?
Any tips on overhauling the LXD55 mount and making sure its ready to roll, I mean slew?

Posted 11/25/2020 07:14PM #1
If you don't mind me asking.. How did this work out for you?  

I find myself in a position where I am attempting to set up a nice first astrophotography rig.. 

Funny and strangely enough however, we are wanting to focus on planetary photography with a bit of deep-sky capability.