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First Light at The Field

Started by, 06/07/2015 02:02AM
Posted 06/07/2015 02:02AM Opening Post
I had never ventured beyond the house and its glorious AC current and warm interior with refrigerator and snacks... tonight after astronomy club I ventured off to join another guy at The Field which our club rents from the Boy Scouts. It's not too far from my house but has a much better unobstructed view in all directions.

I ran into all sorts of issues with power. My Canon EOS 6D didn't like running off the cigarette lighter plus inverter so I ended up going back to battery. Likewise when I had the laptop and all cameras and mount going off the car lighter I ran into issues. Everything would reset periodically so eventually I unplugged the laptop and let it run off battery.

At least I was able to help my fellow solve a device driver issue with his Orion guide camera. Here's a shot of me and the gear. Wife is in the car reading a book. Either I discovered a comet or there was a lens flare from the moon. Probably a flare lol... The milky way looking bit is actually car exhaust. Laptop ran out of battery and it was cold cold cold so I packed up and headed home. All good.

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Posted 06/07/2015 04:06AM #1
Nice photo. Looks like you have some quite decent equipment, a quite decent site, and sorry about the not so decent temperature. But remember, that's one thing that keeps the mosquitoes away.