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Started by tsquarters, 05/02/2015 09:45AM
Posted 05/02/2015 09:45AM Opening Post
I have a 10" ASA Astrograph and I am trying to use a ZWO ASI 120 MC-S video camera. I have no trouble imaging the moon, but spent over 3 hours trying to video Saturn. Couldn't bring it to focus or even see it on the screen. Do I need to move the camera further from the mirror or is it something else I am missing. thanks
Posted 05/02/2015 04:12PM #1
It seems to me that if you can focus on the Moon, you should be able to focus on Saturn. I don't have any experience with video cameras but, my guess is you might need to adjust the "gain" or brightness to see Saturn.
Posted 05/02/2015 07:04PM #2
I agree with Pete. Although Saturn looks plenty bright thru an eyepiece, it is WAY dimmer than the crank up the gain and/or integration time. When I'm seeking and framing an object, I intentionally overexpose by a LOT and then adjust down to actually collect images. Good practice would be to image the moon and then swing over to Jupiter or Saturn to see what settings are needed...focus would of course still remain the same. About the only cams that won't lose dim objects at near-video frame rates are those incorporating Gen3 intensifiers! Tom Dey

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