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Has anyone seen or heard about the Bushnells ??

Started by JeffinMd, 12/16/2004 06:49AM
Posted 12/16/2004 06:49AM Opening Post
The 4.5" Newtonian "talking" GOTO looks really attractive for a real beginner scope for less than $200!

I'm especially looking for anyone who has looked through a recent Bushnell reflector or heard from a friend.

Posted 12/16/2004 10:17AM #1
Historically Bushnell scopes have been subpar, the sort of stuff that comes with 0.965 inch eyepieces and the like.

Personally I try to get a beginner started with a scope that is easy to use and has good quality optics rather than one that talks.

Optics and electronics both cost money. When trying to buy an effective decent quality scope that is inexpensive, optics must come first.

The talking scope routine goes like this:

"Enter the number of the Messier object you wish to see"

User pushes M76

Scope slews to the location of M76.

Scope responds with:

"This scope is now pointed directly at M76. Unfortunately due to a number of limitations in the manufacture which include poor quality eyepieces, sloppy and shaky mount, poor quality mirror, this scope is unable to show M76.

Choose another object."

Thats my story and I ain't changing it..

Posted 12/17/2004 12:38PM | Edited 12/17/2004 12:40PM #2
Ditto what everyone else has said here. This scope is way overpriced at $200. You can do much better in the $200-$300 price range at Orion, Anacortes and here on the classifieds.