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HELP!!!! Mold on Corrector Plate

Started by ps, 07/26/2010 07:23PM
Posted 07/26/2010 07:23PM Opening Post
After about three month of sitting in storage (in my bedroom), I decided to mount my C9.25 and to my surprise, I found several spots on the inside of the corrector plate. After doing a search on AM, it appears to be mold buildup. I read a post about cleaning mold on the corrector with a solution of 50% regular ammonia and 50% hydrogen peroxide. However, it wasn’t clear if this was meant for the outside or the inside of the corrector. I also read that the mold could have already damaged the coating and that cleaning will not help. The views of the C9.25 appear unaffected, but am concerned that the mold will continue to grow. Also, I’m planning to remove the rubber plug at the end of the visual back and cover it with something breathable like cheese cloth. What’s also strange is I have a 10” LX200 sitting next to the C9.25 and have not seen mold on that scope’s corrector. The LX200 was also not used for about three months. The only difference is that the OTA on the LX200 is off the ground (held in the fork mount), while the C9.25 is sitting on the carpet (corrector side down w/ cover covering the corrector plate). I’m considering taking off the corrector and cleaning it from the inside. Am I asking for more problems? Any comments and / or suggestions will be greatly appreciated smile

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Posted 07/26/2010 08:13PM #1
If it is mold, it needs to come off. The longer it is there, the more chance there will be damage to the coatings.
I think that Alcohol would be better, less aggressive on the coatings and it should kill mold. But, I would be willing to hear what others have used.
I am a little skeptical about some home remedies, some have proved to be destructive.

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