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July's Messiers

Started by davebudlong, 06/30/2005 06:36PM
Posted 06/30/2005 06:36PM Opening Post
M19 Globular in Scorpius
M62 Globular in Scorpius
M 6 Nice Open Cluster in Scorpius
M 7 Another real nice Open Cluster in Scorpius
M57 The Ring Nebula, need I say more. Well yes its in Lyra and an easy trick to finding it is using a widefield EP and your middle ring of your Telrad field(for those with a Telrad) and lining up said ring with the 2 brighter stars at the bottom of the parallelogram in Lyra. It should be there in the FOV.
M56 Globular in Lyra
M27 A very large Bright Planetary in Vulpecula. Great object, can see it in Bino's from a good site. However its in one of those constellations that just does not exist from my backyard. wink
M71 Listed as a Globular Cluster in Sagitta, but if you have been playing along and done the last two list's for May and June you will be inclined to think of it as an Open Cluster.
M11 Open Cluster in Scutum, big. Also a great Bino object
M26 Another Open Cluster in Scutum, and also easy enough in Bino's.
Update if you have been playing along with these monthly list's then upon completion on July's list you will be 1/2 of an object away from being 25% done with the Messiers. Next Month we will hit Sagittarius and pick up 15 objects and the will pit us way ahead on our pace. Any way Happy Hunting and Have Safe and Wonderful 4th of July.

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