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N. Hemisphere Newbies with little scopes

Started by rolandlinda3, 08/08/2011 08:27AM
Posted 08/08/2011 08:27AM Opening Post
I am sure most newbies have read things and gotten guidance, but just in case you are new and have only a binocular or a small telescope, this is the time of year to look south to see a collection of some bright and beautiful objects almost directly south and just above or to the right of Sagitarrius. Any sky map will show you M8 (the Lagoon), M16 (the Swan), and M22 (huge globular cluster). I recently watched all three with a binocular but also an 80mm desk mount refractor with a 20mm inexpensive eyepiece. This basic equipment (the 80mm refractor) is the same we send in kits to the Philippines and train teachers how to observe...then teach students to observe. So try these objects if you have not. I recommend observing early in the evening if you are mid lattitudes or higher because the objects are highest above the SSW horizon.

M22 is shown below on an observing sheet--a plain piece of sketch paper on which I put basic information below the sketch. If you want to see M16 and M8 with the same equipment, go to Parables in the Sky blog at

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Roland Beard
Posted 08/10/2011 09:08AM #1
Thanks Roland

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