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Started by, 09/30/2019 04:12PM
Posted 09/30/2019 04:12PM Opening Post
I want to take photos of industrial chimneys from up to 1000 feet away and as close as 200 feet away.  Previously I owned an 11" Celestron telescope.   That was 20 years ago.  Now I would like to buy again, and I am thinking of getting a 16" mead from tronicsale, they are at the following address:

Electronics Sale | Photography | ProVideo | ProAudio | Television
Tronic Sale Store
Pondok Indah Mall
Lantai 2 Unit C1, Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, RT.1/RW.16,
Pd. Pinang, Kby. Lama,
DKI Jakarta. 12310

They have there the Meade LX200-ACF UHTC 16" F/10 Catadioptric Telescope (OTA Only)
for only $4,421.00.  Typically these seem to go for triple that price here in the USA.  

I could get a electron 14" for near that same price here in the usa.  

Additionally, I keep running across these telescopes separated by pipe frame, not sure what to make of those, seems like bugs and light would get in there as well as a lot of dust.  What's the advantage?    Here is an example:

What I want to do is take photos with my camera of bricks.

Can anyone please help me here and give me a little advice of what I should do?  I would be happy with a used one, if that makes any sense, but the 16" mead seems too hard to find used, as well as the 14" celststron.   


Donald Perry from NJ 
Posted 09/30/2019 09:16PM #1
If something is 1/2 or more off from what the usual price is the right thing to do is IGNORE it. You are asking to be ripped off otherwise.

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Statham GA
Posted 10/02/2019 03:19PM #2
Jakarta Indonesia?  That's halfway around the world - bogus!  There is no need to buy internationally on this.  The pipe-frame telescopes are truss-trube Newtonians, they won't be good for terrestrial photography. 

Do you really need a large Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope for this?  Most people would use a large telephoto camera lens, or an astronomy refractor for daytime photography.  A refractor is a simple design telescope with one big lens at the front of the tube and a focuser at the back.  It's most similar to a telephoto lens.  You can browse these scopes at or another vendor like   I'm thinking an 80mm or 100mm refractor would be good for this.