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Rosette Nebula NGC 2238

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Started by Tomboyy, 05/30/2020 10:59PM
Posted 05/30/2020 10:59PM Opening Post
Hey people I have a few questions. I currently have a Meade EXT 60, a 76mm Newtonian and a Mac 90. I have been messing with these for about 10 years. I bought the mac 90 for the range recently. I have been in discussion with a board member about buying a 8" EVO, whether that deal comes thru or not is still up in the air, I still had my heart on getting a 8". I took the mac90 out tonight and with the moon being high in the sky I had problems looking thru it. That got me to thinking that maybe a catadioptric is not the right way to go. I got to thinking maybe a much larger Newtonian would be the way to go.I am really only looking to see the moon and some planets. I am disabled with 3 knee replacements and can't really bend them good. I'd like to stay in the $800 range give or take a $100.

Any suggestions for me ?