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Opinion: 6" Achromatic vs 8" "AFC" SCT

Started by Dobedude, 12/27/2015 05:05AM
Posted 12/27/2015 05:05AM Opening Post
I'm new to astronomy and am trying to decide between these two scopes. Both are used but in good condition.
I'm mainly interested in observing the planets, moon, double stars and clusters. I also have an interest in photographing these objects. I'm not ready for the expense and time need to do long exposure guiding.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks, Charlie
Posted 12/27/2015 02:26PM #1
I have often said that the best general purpose scope is either an 8" f/6 dob or an 8" sct. If you are not into imaging and primarily visual either will work although wide fov is difficult in the f/10 sct. A .63 reducer helps a lot however.
If any type of imaging is desired then a good APO refractor is the ticket, 80 to 130mm typically. These are pricy however and require a better than average EQ mount for successful photo's. Since you are new to the endeavor I would say go with a dob and use it to learn the sky and your viewing technique and preferences. Also, find an astronomy club nearby that is active and join. You learn faster and better when you can share experiences.

Posted 12/27/2015 10:45PM #2
Could the SCT be a "ACF" ? If so, then the Advanced Coma Free 8 inch SCT would be my choice between the two. Tell us more about how you would mount these two scopes ?
Posted 12/29/2015 04:18PM | Edited 12/29/2015 04:21PM #3
If your main interest is lunar, planetary, double star and cluster observing, I recommend selling both of your scopes right here on AM. Then buy a good used 5"F/8 refractor right here on AM.