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Trapezium via Siebert 36mm Observatory Series Eyepiece projection

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Orange Skies

Started by ZackFlood, 03/12/2005 12:52PM
Posted 03/12/2005 12:52PM Opening Post
I recently purchased an Orion XT8 after consulting the unbelievably helpful bastions of astronomy know-how here on astromart. I live in downtown San Francisco and suprisingly, from my deck i normally get wonderful views of the sky. I've heard alot about the curse of getting bad weather and what-not on the day one recieves a telescope. After i assembled my telescope i waited for night, hauled it out onto my deck and nearly had a heart attack... The city has just place a monstrous 4 lamp, 100ft tall Sodium lamp not 100 yards from my apartment. Is there any way i can protest this? Are there no laws passed regarding such light polluters? Yesterday was perfectly cloudless and i could barely make out Orion or Saturn.
Hatin' Sodium Lamps, Zack