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Orion Starmax 90mm Mak

Started by RoDnSuE, 12/29/2004 01:57AM
Posted 12/29/2004 01:57AM Opening Post
Howdy all,
I have managed to find a local fellow that has an Orion Starmax 90mm Mak on an EQ1 mount with all accesories as new.
Like this one...
Would $125.00 be a good used price for this scope?
From what I have read, this class of telescope is only really useful for planet viewing. Being a newbie, this would not really be a problem but I was just wondering if this would be a good deal and what everyone thinks of this scope.
He also has an extra 13mm orthoscopic ep with it.

Posted 12/29/2004 06:02AM #1
Hello, James
The issues most often quoted with this scope are narrow field of view and cool down time. I have the 127 model and it does a fine job. The price is right for sure. On a photo tripod it can be used as a spotter.