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Perplexing Decision

Started by prd, 12/23/2004 03:34PM
Posted 12/23/2004 03:34PM Opening Post
Hello all, I am no doubt just another newbie seeking the almighty advice that begets the confidence needed to finish my decision.I have been researching these threads and other forums for awhile now along with endless searches on google to find what is the best scope for me. I believe I am at the point of purchase but would love the push to get me over the edge. I have between $350.00 to $450.00 to spend. I live in the suburbs yet can see myself driving to a more ideal location now and again. I have a more than full time career and family I wish to devote plenty of time to. However, I am completely drawn to the cosmos and wish to indulge myself with them as much as I can. I believe the go-to option seems well suited for my busy life, giving me the jump start that I've read so much about here. So now it comes down to getting the best scope with this option or with the ability for it at a sooner rather than later date. I've seen the Orion XT6 fits into this range and also allows me to get the cpu guide right away for just under the $450.00 amount.I've also considered the XT8 without the guide right away. I've also considered the Meade etx70 with a couple of the suggested extra's IE.Barlow 1.25, filter set, case etc....putting me somewhere in the same price range. Lastly, I've considered the Celstron nexstar 4GT putting me just alittle over the $450.00.
Whew.... so please hit me with everything you've got. I can only hope that the accumulated knowledge you all posses will help guide me on my way to the cosmos. thx.
Posted 12/24/2004 11:43AM #1

Hope I'm not too late coming into this thread. You seem to have settled on one or two choices. But nowhere in the advice that's been offered have I seen any recommendations about getting a good pair of binoculars. The emphasis has been strictly on the biggest aperture dob you could get for the money. I don't know how much of a "newbie" you are, nor if binocs are on the table for you to consider at this point, but in my opinion, with a good pair of binoculars you'll see more and use them more often. They will give you more viewing bang for the buck than any scope you can buy. Portability and ease of use are non-issues. I use mine all the time in conjunction with my 18" dob to familiarize myself with an area of the sky where I hunt for targets. And often I just enjoy sitting on a chaise in my backyard and sweeping the sky when I don't want to hassle setting up a scope and dealing with charts, etc. If you don't have a pair now, you will want one soon after getting whatever scope you settle on now.

Just my .02 worth,