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Polar alignment question

Started by dale r, 07/11/2005 12:02PM
Posted 07/11/2005 12:02PM | Edited 07/11/2005 02:47PM Opening Post
I bought a Milburn deluxe wedge and also gathered a SBIG basic ST-7 camera. I have a 12 inc lx200. I want to start imaging. I have had good luck with with goto in AltAz mode..I can usually see the object in the field of view in my 2 inch eyepiece. I tried polar with wedge and have problems with pointing accuracy. I level legs and set to zero and to 90 deg like it says. I have moved polaris into the middle via wedge adjustments and then turned on scope (and I have done it rough pointed to polaris with same results) I enter polar mode..when it spins around and says "center polaris" does that mean with the hand control or wedge?? with hand control it is hard to move scope--it doesn't want to move N (though N key was dead 8O ) and I have to "spin "it E-W and dink around a lot to get it centered :C ..then I hit enter and it picks a star and gets into the area.. Enif was the choice and I centered it with the hand control--easy to do that..I go- to M27 and it is off half an eyepiece..I center and hold enter to calibrate to it...i goto M57 and it is in the eyepiece but off to hold enter and go back to always is off a bit jumping back and forth..what am I doing wrong?? A trip to m81 /82 causes it to be off by several eyepieces..??I feel like plopping it back on the tripod to chk altaz if it is still ok :S
next question: Next skill I will need is drift alignment. I have read tons of tutorials..but am still confused on a few points..when you put the star on a line in the eyepiece, Must the cross hair be "square" n-s..e-w..or just put it on line??? I am using a diagonal...I fogot to add and have not read anywhere--will drift aligning mess up the goto of the scope??I am not familliar enough with the sky to be without it grin
Posted 07/11/2005 01:23PM #1

Use the wedge knobs to align on Polaris.
Use the hand controller to align on Enif (or whatever star it picks).

One critical thing is making sure the tube is straight up through the forks - 90 degrees to the base. The setting circles might be off slightly. Search MAPUG for help with this and Drift Alginment.