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Questions About "Cooldown"

Started by mickeyw3340, 07/27/2004 12:32PM
Posted 07/27/2004 12:32PM Opening Post
Still looking for my first scope. Binocs and eyeballs only for a couple of years. I understand the term cooldown. If my first scope is a reflector, my plans are to store it assembled in the unheated, un air conditioned shop in the back of my garage. Would this be appropriate. Seems the cooldown in the winter would be less since it has not been living asleep in a human comfortable heated environment. Same thing in summertime seeing. It would sem there should be another term called "Warmup" from taking one's scope from air conditioned living quarters to summer time outdoors. LOL
Posted 07/27/2004 01:39PM #1
Storing a scope in an unheated environment will reduce the cool down time but not eliminate it. One has to be careful when storing a scope in an unheated enviroment that condensation is not a problem...

I could make a snide remark here that living in San Diego, I have not actually experienced the problems associated with the air outside being either hot or cold but I will refrain from making such a remark....

I will also avoid suggesting that places where the weather is nice year around are likely to suffer from traffic congestion...

Posted 07/28/2004 10:29AM #2

Reflectors cool down relatively quick depending on the size of course. I store inside to protect the scope. I usually plan earlier in the day that I am going out so I'll either set up or just put it out either right after work or a little while before I put the kids down. If I'm driving somewhere, I load up a little early if the drive is short.

I have an 8" reflector and this works for me.